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  Ethan's Fund  
...Is a community outreach grant based program that runs solely on the donations from the public that helps owned dogs who are going through medical turmoil that owners are unable to afford care for them, get the much needed medical care they need while staying home with their families that love them.
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Ethan was found on a good Samaritans front porch with a gaping hole from his outside hip area into the inside wall cavity of his stomach. The Samaritan picked him up and brought him into a local animal services to receive medical care, and to possibly be reunited with an owner who might have lost him sometime ago.
When an owner did not come, he was released to RRInc for much needed medical care.

He was immediately seen by one of our sponsoring veterinarians, and was rushed right into surgery. Ethan actually had about a 4" hole going from his hip into his abdominal wall that had to be cleaned out and repaired.This was simply caused by an abscess from an unknown source that was left untreated. If he would have received medical care while at home when this first started he would not have ended up in such deplorable conditions.

Ethan was a special soul and captured the hearts of anyone who met him, and showed no matter what amount of pain they go through, they still forgive, understand and love unconditionally. We lost Ethan a few months after his recovery due to an unforeseen incurable medical ailment, and this fund is his legacy and our determination to help owners and dogs stay together through hard times.

We only hope we can live up to who Ethan saw us all as, and help as many as the donation based fund lets us!


We have often more times then not come across "stray" dogs who are fully house/crate trained, as social as can be, have full basic manners, but have minor to major health issues. Most of these health issues could have been easily remedied at the start of signs, such as Demodex, or could be small life-term ailments such as Dry Eye that once diagnosed can me maintained with minimal expense medications. These dogs were loved members of the family, and we have come across more and more cases that the owners are trying to do everything in their power to care for their beloved pet, just with this economy they are left with minimal at best choices to turn.

"Ethan's Fund" focuses on these dogs that have homes, but are in financial straights that would otherwise end up at a shelter, or rescue group. The focus of this fund is to care for these dog's before the dog continues to decline in health or is surrendered. Keeping these loved family members at home helping them through a rough patch keeps them out of the shelters with limited time, and keeping that dog out of foster care in a rescue who desperately need it for abuse cases or death row dogs.

Al thought this program is geared directly to owned animals, on a very limited case-by-case basis strays will be admitted along with the partnership of many local area shelters and rescue groups.

We are very excited to bring this community outreach program to life, and we hope you are too!



Ailments "Ethan's Fund" helps, but not limited too:
-Skin Conditions (I.e Demodex, Scabies, Hot Spots etc.)
-Heartworm Prevention
-Limited Heartworm Treatment

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