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Project Golden Years

Golden Years

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated." - Gandhi

This program is based on the quote by Gandhi and a few great dogs that have inspired us to try the impossible, hope for the best, and accomplish what everyone said couldn't be accomplished - Placing Senior Dogs in homes.

In today's world we are so materialistic and hold ourselves to the standards of "Youth" and "Beauty." It is all too common that we leave the elderly and worn out "to dry," so to speak. All to often in rescue we see people surrendering their dogs, eight years and older, not for financial or other hardship reasons, but simply for reasons like "not having enough time" or "the move will be too hard because of their age." We find these dogs as strays at our local Animal Services and they are never re-claimed.
This is not a world our "Best Friends" should be in today. With their years of unconditional love and devotion we owe them so much more than being abandoned at their Golden Years because, perhaps, "they wont live much longer anyway."

About Project "Golden Years"
We Educate and Communicate the message that "Golden Years" dogs have as much, if not more, to offer then "Puppy Dogs".

We Educate and Communicate the modern medicine and preventative care for "Golden Years" dogs for a prospective long happy,healthy Retirement.

We only place medically examined "Golden Years Dogs" in anticipation of their long, healthy lives.
We match up new adoption families and "Golden Years" dogs for mutual benefit.

While "Golden Years" dogs are in Rugaz Rescue Inc.'s care they go through
Basic/Advanced Obedience training/Certification,
Canine Good Citizenship Training/Certification
then onto Therapy Dog Training/Certification.

Hey There I'm "Elijah" the Elderbull...

I'm a around a bout 10 year old Pit Bull that's "Got ya Day" is on 08/26/2011. Some of you may know what that is, and some of you may not... So let me explain... A "Got ya Day" is the day when dogs are picked either by a Forever Family, or Rescue from a shelter and have a chance to live... It's what we like to call our new birthday, our "Got ya day"...

Yes, that's right... Yours truly was an Elderbull sitting in a shelter, waiting for... Boy I don't even want to think of what I was waiting for to happen... I just remember it being cold, people being sad and there just being so many of us. I don't like to think about that though, because on my Got ya Day, that's when my life started over. You have to live looking every day ahead, not thinking about what could have been, or how it hurt along the way. Think about the smiles that you get to see when your people wake up and get you pet you. The feel of the sun on your furr when you sit outside on a warm summer day...

It all happened so fast... I remember waking up and the people walking by "So sad", "One that old shouldn't be sitting in a shelter" , "How do you let your dog go when they are that old?", then some people came and gave me hugs, kisses and put a leash around me, I was in a car for quite some time, and then I met my "Mom" for all intents and purposes. Sense then, I've combined forces with her and the Rescue who helped me get here to make people aware of the Elderbull problem in shelters...

Without people like my "Mommy" who is fostering me until I find a Forever mommy I wouldn't even be here, and I can't even think about that... Beyond that, without people who open their forever lives for Edlerbulls like me to love we wouldn't have forever homes at all. Could you imagine a world without rescued Elderbulls? What a boring place that would be.! Pups can't keep up with me, plus I don't cause half of the problems they do, just remember that!

**UPDATE 09/24/2011**
Mr Elijah had surgery today...He had a few of his skin tumors removed, neutered and they had to do a whole scrotal ablation due to having a little bump on them too...All and all he is feeling well after surgery (He has to wear a "Happy Hat" ) because he wants to lick at his sutures but he is recovering fine!A few more visits to the Dr, and he should be able to start looking for his forever home and start his Therapy dog training!

Eli's Facebook page is:

Harpo This 8 year old boy has had a long trip from a neglectful home that never tended to his wounds [He completely de-gloved his bottom jaw of skin being caught in a chain link fence for hours] and he is heartworn +. So after much treatment he will be ready to find a forever home! His previous owners we're enjoyed to never own animals and the criminal case is still pending.

Our Inspirations...

Ruger River

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