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Rugaz Is Growing...
Help make Dreams come true!

That's right, Rugaz is growing and in a big way! We are on our way to opening a starting facility! Can you believe that? This is an amazing opportunity that Rugaz is being handed, but we need your help to get there! Opening a facility will give endless options for Rugaz and it's dog's to grow in way's we never thought possible when the very first Pit Bull dog was rescued out of a gutter almost 10 years ago!

Opening this facility will give Rugaz the ability to hold it's own fundraisers on it's own property (Like Doggy/Car Washes, Community garage sales, etc.), we will now be able to have a low cost retail area to bring in stead funds, we will now have a solid area to conduct low cost training for the public, and free training to previous adopters! We can have a Central location for transports to drop off/pick up same with donations, but the285 biggest one of all!

We now will have a space to house a dog we want to save from death row, until a foster is found or opens us that week. That is the HUGE step we can take forward for the dogs! We will have a place to save a life, when we had a temporary set back with no where for it to go. We also will now have a Central location where people can come meet dogs for adoption as well.

Help Rugaz Grow

Click HERE to see photos of the NEW Rugaz Rescue Center in progress

Thank you to our current monthly All-Star Angels
who have set up a recurring monthly payment to help Rugaz Rescue:

Georgina Whitton
*In memory of Winston*
Jason Loiacano
Jennifer Brandy Arnold
*In memory of Molly*
Donna Gregorski
Cindy Montenare
*In memory of Vishy*
Kimberly Medrano
*In memory of Cili, Pinki, Maggie, Champ, Kisses and now Ginger, all rescued dogs!!!*
Terri Gunn
Kelli Chickos
Cody Carlbert
Ursulla Yanno
Amanda Schaer
Jason Loiacano
Gina Shields
*In memory of Gator*
Lisa Mulrane
*In memory of Varla*
Amanda Guy
Nikki Kaloust
Todd Cook
Lori Thomas
Michelle Hartley
*In memory of Lucy Dog*
Anna Hamilton
*In memory of Joey*

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